CARDS Ltd. helps companies maximize their business by realizing that card technology promises. With focus in the technology for identification and security, we ensure that our partners get the right products and solutions to operate the business more successful. No matter what market they operate in, or where in the world the company operates.
We have a role as a partner of leaders and innovators in card technologies and delivers an broad range of specialized products and services for identification and security. Our success is based on innovation and a constant striving to deliver better value and growth for our customers.

CARDS Ltd. has successfully collaborated with its partners, world leaders in card technology and personal identification solutions:
Entrust Datacard (USA), Evolis (France), Matica Electronics (Italy), Advanced Card Systems (Hong Kong), Regula (Latvia), Idemia (France), ICS (Germany), Desko (Germany), Uniform Industrial Corp. (Taiwan), Charismathics (Germany), Feitian (Korea), GIGA-TMS Inc. (Taiwan), CardKeep (Sweden).
In addition, CARDS Ltd. can offer professional printing and personalization services for all types of plastic cards in its own card center in Bulgaria.

Some of our offers are published in our online store here, and for other important for you products can send us an email inquiry at


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